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How can you also store other files that belong to the project or plant on the MC/MMC?

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You can store any files that are to do with the plant on the MC/MMC. 
Proceed as follows:

  • Slot the memory card or micro memory card in the PG.
  • Open the SIMATIC Manager.
  • Go to "File > S7 Memory Card > Open".
  • Then go to "PLC > Save to Memory Card...".

Fig. 01: SIMATIC Manager - S7 memory card

  • In the left file explorer select the required file and designate it for saving via the "-->" button.

Fig. 02: File selection

  • If you wish to remove files from the selection, use the "<--" button.
  • Acknowledge with the "OK" button to save the data selected on the memory card or micro memory card.
  • Once the data has been stored successfully you receive confirmation to that effect.
  • Then you see the data transferred in the "S7 memory card" window.

Fig. 03: Memory card data view

You can only execute this function for an S7-300 micro memory card and S7-400 Flash EPROM card. 

The table below gives the order numbers for these cards.

Micro Memory Card / S7-300 Order number
64 Kbytes 6ES7 953-8LF20-0AA0
128 Kbytes 6ES7 953-8LG11-0AA0
512 Kbytes  6ES7 953-8LJ20-0AA0
2 Mbytes 6ES7 953-8LL20-0AA0
4 Mbytes 6ES7 953-8LM20-0AA0
8 Mbytes 6ES7 953-8LP20-0AA0
Memory Card FEPROM / S7-400 Order number
64 Kbytes 6ES7 952-0KF00-0AA0
256 Kbytes 6ES7 952-0KH00-0AA0
1 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KK00-0AA0
2 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KL00-0AA0
4 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KM00-0AA0
8 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KP00-0AA0
16 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KS00-0AA0
32 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KT00-0AA0
64 Mbytes 6ES7 952-1KY00-0AA0
Table 1: Order numbers

Flash MC, MC

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