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EasyLanguage adds a 'T' to empty ToolTips upon export

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Why, after importing the updated csv file with EasyLanguage, do all the previously empty ToolTips have a 'T'?

This behavior occurs in versions of EasyLanguage < V5.0. When the image texts are exported into a csv-file with the EasyLanguage versions concerned, then a 'T' is added to all empty ToolTip fields. The current version V5.0 of EasyLanguage is on the WinCC V5 CD in the SmartTools -> CC_GraphicsTextImportExport path.

If you are using an older version of EasyLanguage and this case occurs, then there is a quick way of getting rid of the "T":

  1. After import, select all the operable objects.
  2. Then remove the ToolTip for all of them together.
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