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Does TeleService (TS Adapter) support SMS transmission via an analog or ISDN modem in the landline network?

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TeleService (TS Adapter) does not support the transmission of an SMS via a fixed network modem (analog, ISDN). The TS Adapter does not understand or support any provider-specific protocols like UCP (Universal Computer Protocol) or TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol).

Sending an SMS message by means of TS Adapter I or II
The TS Adapter I (as from V5.2) and TS Adapter II support transmission of SMSs via a GSM wireless modem installed on the serial RS232 interface.

The TeleService delivery package includes function block FB48 "SMS_SEND", which is put into the STEP 7 library when you install the TeleService S7 Library. If a plant is to send an SMS, the plant's user program has to call the function block FB 48 "SMS_SEND".

The function block FB48 "SMS_SEND" can only be used through the MPI interface of an S7 CPU.

Sending an e-mail by means of TS Adapter IE (Basic)
The TS Adapter IE (Basic) the e-mail transmission function. Call function block FB49 "AS_MAIL" in the user program of an S7 CPU in your plant in order to send an e-mail by means of the TS Adapter IE (Basic). The FB49 "AS_MAIL" transmits an e-mail from the CPU to a mail server using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
If the provider proposes the "SMS by e-mail" function, you can send an SMS indirectly through an e-mail. This function sends an e-mail with fixed format (telephone number of the recipients, message text, etc.) to the mail server. The server recognizes that the e-mail contains an SMS message and forwards it to the mobile telephone recipient over the wireless network.

Function blocks FB48 "SMS_SEND" and FB49 "AS_MAIL"
The function blocks FB48 "SMS_SEND" and FB49 "AS_MAIL" are included in the TeleService delivery package and are put into the STEP 7 library when you install TeleService.

Requirements Sending an SMS Sending an e-mail
Hardware TS Adapter I (as from V5.2) or II
GSM wireless modem
TS Adapter IE (Basic)
CPU 31x-2 PN/DP as from firmware V2.5
or CPU 41x-3 PN/DP
Software FB 48 "SMS_SEND"
(call in the plant's STEP 7 program)
(call in the plant's STEP 7 program)

Addition information
More information about the functions and how to use the TS Adapter is available in the device manual. The table below gives an overview of the Entry IDs in which you can download the relevant device manuals.

Device Manual Entry ID
TS Adapter II 20983182
TS Adapter IE Basic 51311100
TeleServic S7 Library V6.1 24781774

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