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What happens if you export the archive with Storage on just one of the redundant servers?

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You have two redundant servers. Now you want to export the archives with Storage on just one of the redundant servers.
You have therefore set Storage so that

  • with Server 1 the archive data is exported
  • with Server 2 the relevant archive data is deleted.

If you export the most recent data, there might be data inconsistency if there is an error. Supposing that it is the Server1 with Storage that loses the process connection. The new process data is received by Server2. If Storage on Server1 becomes active before the error is cleared and before database matching, then the data in export file is not consistent with the database on Server2.

Export the older data.
You must set the time span for old data to meet your individual requirements. The time span must be large enough. During this time span the servers must have made a database match.

Server1 exports data that is one week old. During this week any errors must have been cleared. So there was already database matching for the data to be exported. The export file and the server databases always remain consistent.

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