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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 16511562, Entry date: 07/30/2003

WinCC Configuration Tool: Error message while reading large WinCC-Projects

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What is the reason for an error message like: "Out of memory" while reading large WinCC-Projects (> 60MB) using the WinCC Configuration Tool?

This message is based on a system characteristic of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel does limit the RAM capacity provided for the work folders. This limitation is about 60MB for Microsoft Excel 2000.  For Microsoft Excel XP, the limitation was raised to ca. 160MB. 

While reading in large WinCC projects with theWinCC Configuration Tool, this limitation might be reached. In this case, Excel triggers out a simple Messagebox "Out of memory". 

Raising the RAM provided by the PC for the work storage does not solve the problem.    

Please note, that large WinCC Projects under Microsoft Excel XP can only be successfully read  with the WinCC Configuration Tool, once WinCC V5.1 Hotfix 3 had been installed.

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