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Changing the message number process in SIMATIC PCS 7 V6

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How can I convert a PCS 7 Project / Library from V5.x or older with a "project-wide unique" message process into the "CPU-wide unique" message process?

The error message shown in Figure 1 occurred during copying processes, in particular, because the previous formulation (PCS 7 versions prior to V6) stipulated that a message number always had to be unique project-wide. In this case, all message numbers have to be changed, even if the CPU is being copied in its entirety. Consequently, each copying process has to be followed by PLC compilation, OS compilation and loading (PLC/OS).

PCS 7 V4.x and V5.x contain several groups of message numbers; the message number is always unique project-wide. The new definition only assumes that message numbers are unique CPU-wide. 

The process for assigning message numbers can be defaulted in the SIMATIC Manager / "Message Numbers" tab ("Options > Settings" menu command) for future new projects and libraries. In this tab you can define whether to assign unique message numbers on a CPU-wide basis or on a project-wide basis. Another option is "Always prompt for settings" (No default), allowing you to assign the numbers later on. In this case, always select a message process when you create a new project/library.

You cannot copy blocks or plans from a project with "CPU-wide unique" to one with "project-wide unique" or vice versa. This is prevented by the system with the following error message. The project / library has to be converted to the new "CPU-wide unique" PCS 7 V6 process.

Figure 1: Error message when the copying process is canceled

If the default "CPU-wide unique" or "project-wide unique" are enabled at the time a project or library is created, the message number assignment process cannot be changed in this project or library. If the message number assignment setting is "project-wide unique" and you wish to assign unique message numbers "CPU-wide", do the following: 

  1. Select the relevant project or library in the SIMATIC Manager. Then click the right mouse button to call up the context-sensitive menu; go to "Special Object Properties > Message Numbers...".

Figure 2: Calling up the message number dialog box in the SIMATIC Manager in SIMATIC PCS 7 V6

The current setting in the SIMATIC Manager is displayed in the following window. This setting is not saved via the project, it is saved via the SIMATIC Manager default (see above). In order to check the setting for the relevant project / library, select the message dialog for the blocks. Depending on the message process, the new dialog box is displayed here, allowing the user to select a priority for the messages.

Figure 3: Current setting display in the SIMATIC Manager

  1. Select the requested "CPU-wide unique" method in the dialog window:

Figure 4: Selecting the "CPU-wide unique" message process

  1. Open the project / library and select "File > Save project as" in the SIMATIC Manager. 
  2. Enable the "With reorganization" checkbox in the subsequent dialog and enter a new name for the project / library. 

Figure 5: Settings in the "Save project as" dialog window 

  1. Click on "OK" to start the "Save project as" process. 

The new project/library is now saved with the new SIMATIC PCS 7 "CPU-wide unique" message concept. The project is then ready for use.

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