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How do assign a know-how protection to C scripts and VBS scripts?

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You can provide a know-how protection to self-created scripts in the form of project functions, actions, global actions (C scripts) and as from WinCC V6.0 also in the form of project modules, standard modules and actions (VBS scripts). 

You cannot protect C scripts and VBS scripts in pictures. If you nevertheless want to protect the data in the scripts in pictures, you should write your instructions in global actions and then call those global actions in the pictures.


In the Global Script Editor select an action/function, go to the menu item "Edit > Info" and assign a password for the selected action/function.

Information about this topic is available in the WinCC Information System under the keyword "How to protect an action against access and change".

As from SIMATIC WinCC V6.0
As from WinCC V6.0 there is the Global Script VBS editor in addition to the Global Script C editor.

  • In the Global Script C editor the know-how protection works as described above for WinCC V5.x.
  • In the Global script VBS editor the selected action or project module can be protected with a password under the menu item "Options > Info / Trigger".

Information on the topic of password protection is available in the WinCC Information System in the paths below.

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