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What should you watch out for when using the plant hierarchy (PH) in multiprojects?

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The functions of the plant hierarchy are adapted to the needs of multiproject engineering. Support begins with the creation of the multiproject with the PCS 7 wizard. However, there is no uniform plant hierarchy for the whole multiproject.

Each separate project has its own PH and is displayed with this in the multiproject.

The following setting options are available for the plant hierarchy.

  1. The PH settings are passed on to the other projects of a multiproject. The PH settings for the projects in a multiproject can be changed by using the menu command "Options > Plant Hierarchy > Customize...". 
  2. If you select a single project in a multiproject, you make the PH settings only for this project. The settings are not passed on to all the other projects in the multiproject. 
  3. Identical settings for multiple/all projects. If you select several projects in a multiproject or the multiproject itself and call the Settings dialog, then an additional dialog box is displayed in advance. Here you select a project (template) and then enter the PH settings in the next dialog box. The settings of this template are passed on to all projects included in the selection. Projects that were not selected retain their settings.

Block Icons are searched in all the projects of a multiproject. With the "Create/Update Block Icons" function all the screens in the entire multiproject are included whose block icons are based on the PH.

In a multiproject, the path in the PH is the key for searching in other projects. PH structures with the same name are searched for in all projects of the multiproject. The CFC charts found there are included in the editing process. This then makes it possible within the multiproject to have block icons generated from multiple CFC charts in one OS screen. 

Fig. 01: Example for deriving the block icons from the plant hierarchy

Further Information
In SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.1 and higher this and further information is available in the "Help for Plant Hierarchy (PH)" which is available locally after installation and online in the manual SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Engineering System.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineering System (V9.0) Creating the plant hierarchy (PH)
SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Engineering System (V8.2)Creating the plant hierarchy (PH) 
SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Engineering System (V8.1)Creating the plant hierarchy (PH) 



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