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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 16533262, Entry date: 07/31/2003

Quit a group via the interface GQIT

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In CEMAT V5, why can't I quit via the interface GQIT, a group which is  disrupted by a drive?

The interface GQIT is not meant to quit a drive error within the group! This acknowledgement has be to executed by the operator via the quitting keys in WinCC.

The interface GQIT works (also for former versions of CEMAT V5) on the group only in the case that by a running group (or during the start activity), the operation lock GBVG has changed  from "1" to "0". 

In this case all the drives belonging to the group will be stoped. This "error status" of the group will not be reported in the alarm log, because the group itself does not produce alarm messages. With the help of the interface GQIT - like via the usual quitting keys in WinCC-Runtime - it it possible to acknowledge the "disturbed" group via the user program, to enable a new start via the interface GEBG for example.

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