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Which requirements have to be fulfilled to perform a STEP 7 Routing via a PG/PC Station?

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Configuration Notes:
The following requirements must be fulfilled internetwork implementation of the "S7 Routing" function via a PC station:

  • Software requirements:
    • STEP 7 from V 5.1 SP 6
    • SIMATIC NET CD from 7/2001 SP 5

The "S7 Routing" function belongs to PG/OP communication. PG/OP communication is licensed through STEP 7 (from V5.3). If you use the SIMATIC NET PC software without STEP 7 on the PC station that is being used as gateway, you need the license for IE SOFTNET S7 Lean and PB SOFTNET DP.

The following steps describe how to configure the gateway computer and the client PC (STEP7 Online Station).

Configuration of the gateway computer:

  1. There are two ways of configuring the gateway computer:
  • Configuration console:
    Start the configuration console via "Start > SIMATIC > SIMATIC NET > Settings > Set PC station". Select your online modules - in this example CP5611 for PROFIBUS access and IE general for Ethernet access. Under "Modules > General" you set the module's operating mode to "Configured Mode":

Fig. 01

In this configuration you must once again load the PC station from STEP 7 or NCM PC, because the PROFIBUS module still needs the bus parameters and addresses.

  • Commissioning Wizard:
    The PROFIBUS profile and the address can be assigned via the Commissioning Wizard. Select a suitable BUS profile - "Standard", "DP" or "Universal" are possible.

Fig. 02
  1. Check the settings once again in the "Component Configurator".

Fig. 03

Configuration of the Client PC (STEP 7 Online Station)

  1. Set the interface via which you program to "PG mode".

Fig. 04
  1. Start STEP 7 and load the project to be processed.
  2. Add a SIMATIC PC station to the project to be processed. This SIMATIC PC station is the gateway computer. Insert the available interfaces with the correct station names into the project.

Fig. 05
  1. Now open NetPro and insert the object "PG/PC". This station is your local client PC.

    The client PC can also be a SIMATIC PC station with an imported configuration.
  2. Double-click on the "PG/PC" object to change its interface in the project. The Properties dialog of the station opens. In the "Interfaces" tab you can add an Ethernet interface or change the properties of your station. Please make sure that the MAC and IP addresses entered here match the addresses in the client PC.

Fig. 06
  1. Assign the configured interface to a PG/PC interface parameterization - your station - and set"S7 Online Access:" to "active".

Fig. 07
  1. Here you see a complete overview of the existing hardware already configured in the whole project. The components listed are indispensable for the Routing function. The order of the Routing steps have been marked with arrows for a clearer overview. A gateway is permissible.

Fig. 08
  1. Now load the "Gateway Computer" by marking the SIMATIC PC station in NetPro and loading the configuration of this station in your Gateway Computer via "PLC > Download in current project > Selected station".

Fig. 09
  1. Now switch back to the SIMATIC Manager of STEP 7 and open the Online view. If this is possible, then the STEP 7 Online function is provided.

Fig. 10

Now a complete overview of all the stations and CPs in the project is displayed although neither all of the stations in a network, nor the client PC are connected directly with one of the PLCs.

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