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Change message upon change of controller setpoint value in CEMAT V5

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Why isn’t a change message generated when I change the setpoint value on the controller icon?

The setpoint value of a controller is usually set in the controller faceplate. In this case the controller block issues a change message that is also archived.
On the faceplate you can also change the setpoint value via the scrollbar or jog key. The change is accepted when you press the "Save" button. A change message is generated here too.

If however you change the setpoint value in a flow diagram directly with the jog keys there, no change message is issued. This behavior is correct, because each mouse click on the jog keys leads directly to a change of setpoint value in the SIMATIC controller. Otherwise a change message would have to be generated for each jog, which could lead to a message surge and consequently overloading of the message system.

Use a different controller icon from the CEMAT toolbox, which doesn't display any jog keys. Here you only change the setpoint value via the faceplate, which produces a change message each time (and thus recording in the alarm archive).

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