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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 16640054, Entry date: 08/04/2003

Trend picture display call via CEMAT faceplate button "Trend"

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Why doesn’t calling the trend picture work from the CEMAT faceplate?

In the faceplate of "C_MEASUR" there is a button marked "Trend". If you click on this, a trend picture opens displaying the archive trend of that measured value. 

A process value archive is created in the configuration phase. All the measured values to be archived are entered in the archive as process values. The Tag Logging editor automatically assigns a name for each of these entries derived from the tag name (WinCC icon name) of the measuring point.

Now if you change this name manually, e.g. because multiple measured values with different time intervals are to be archived and each entry has to have a unique archive process value name, then the CEMAT faceplate can no longer find this archive entry. 

Each archive entry that is to be directly selectable via the "Trend" button in WinCC Runtime has to retain the name that has been assigned automatically the Tag Logging editor. Only entries whose trend displays you wish to call via the PCS 7 standard button (in the bottom button bar) can be changed manually.

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