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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 16650850, Entry date: 11/06/2003

ProTool/ProRT and S7-200 with PC/PPI-Cable

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What has to be considered to create a connection between a ProTool/Pro-Runtime and a S7-200 via a PC/PPI-Cable?

When configuring a connection from ProTool/Pro to a S7-200 via a PC/PPI-Cable, please note the following:

  1. Use only PC/PPI cables (6ES7 901-3BF20/21-0XA0 or 6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0) released for ProTool/Pro.
  2. Control for the used PC/PPI Cable whether the set transmission quota is in accordance with the parametrized values in the Software and correct them - if required.
  3. Verify the settings in STEP 7 Micro/WIN resp. ProTool/Pro CS for the connected S7-200 control. If required, correct them.
  4. The following parameters have to be identically set in STEP 7 Micro/WIN and ProTool/Pro:
  • Address of the S7-200 control
  • Transmission speed
  • The highest net address
  • Number of the Masters

Fig. 1: Communication settings ProTool/Pro CS

  1. For a connection from STEP 7-Micro/WIN to a S7-200 the access point of the PG/PC Interface has to be set to "Micro/WIN -> PC/PPI cable (PPI)".

Fig. 2: Communication settings STEP 7 Micro/WIN

  1. Shut the application STEP 7-Micro/WIN after having downloaded it into the S7-200 CPU.
  2. In order to adjust the PG/PC interface for the connection with ProTool/Pro, open the PG/PC interface by clicking on "Start > Settings > System control > PG/PC interface".
  3. Adjust the access point "S7ONLINE" to "PC/ PPI (Cable) PPI" for ProTool/Pro RT in the PG/PC interface.

Fig. 3: Settings PG/PCInterface

Finally, start ProTool/Pro RT as usual.

When using the PC/PPI cable (6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0) adjust the DIP switches of the cable, as described under entry-ID 16532946 for STEP 7-Micro/WIN described up to and including V3.2+SP3.

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