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How do you configure a fault-tolerant S7 connection for the SIMATIC NET OPC server via Industrial Ethernet with the SIMATIC NET PC software?

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In this example, a CP1613 is used for the S7 communication via the SIMATIC NET OPC server to an S7-400H system on the Ethernet.

The requirement for the procedure described is an existing configuration of the S7400-H system with network connection.

Fault-tolerant S7 connections are available exclusively in CP1613 (6GK1161-3AA00), CP1613 A2 (6GK1161-3AA01) and CP1623 (6GK1162-3AA00). If you use a CP1613 A2 or CP1623 then these modules must be configured as CP1613 in the STEP 7 hardware configuration.
It is not possible to use standard network cards in this case.

General information
The requirement is that one of the two following configuration tools is installed on the Engineering Station.

  • NCM PC
    NCM PC is supplied with the SIMATIC NET CD and permits you to create PC projects and open STEP 7 projects. It is not possible to use this software to edit the S7 blocks in the STEP 7 project. 
  • STEP 7
    STEP 7 is a separate software package and permits you to create S7-400, S7-300- and PC projects. It is possible to use this software to edit the S7 blocks.

You need an Engineering Station with STEP 7 for commissioning the PC station. STEP 7 is mandatory for configuring a fault-tolerant S7 connection between PC station and S7400-H system.
You need the license for the SIMATIC NET PC software S7-REDCONNECT on the PC station that communicates with the S7400-H system via fault-tolerant S7 connections.

Please follow the instructions below for configuring the PC station.

  guide_s7_h_opc_e.pdf (1,6 MB)

Further information
on communication with S7-400H systems is available in the manual "S7-400H" in Entry ID 1186523. Refer in particular to the information on communication with the OPC server in section 11.8 "General Information on Communication".

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