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The receipt of failure doesn't work.

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Why is the S7 controller not given a receipt, when a failure is aknowledged  in the alarm line?

An alarm report is displayed in the alarm line. In the flow chart a red flickery drive symbol is displayed. The operator acknowledge the alarm line, the alarm "disappears" from the alarm line but the drive symbol continues  to flash in red.

In the CFC system plan "SYSPLCxx", the counting exit "OS_CNT", which counts the incoming WinCC telegrams, can be found at the module "PLC" . This meter reading doesn't change its value although an acknowledgement of the alarm line should also trigger a receipt telegram to the S7 controller.


  • On every PCS 7 CEMAT OS PC there is a CEMAT configuration file, which is used for the settings of the alarm line, under "D:\Cem_v5\Config\MsgLineMsgSQL.cfg".
  • In this file ( which can be opened with Notepad), you can found under the first line [MessageLineMsgSQL] an other and possibly very long line with the current settings ( existing sections in the project, recent shared sections for the PC). This line could perhaps contain a wrong string.
  • If you connect more than one monitor to the PC with a multi-VGA card, then this file contains an entry of its own per connected monitor . ( for the second monitor e.g. [MessageLineMsgSQL_2])

Please delete the file "MsgLineMsgSQL.cfg" completely. It will be recreated by the system. Afterwards it is advised to reboot the PC, since a regular closing and activating of WinCC will not be sufficient.