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Which possibilities exist in WinCC V6.0 for connecting to a server from a client without a separate client project?

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Configuration Notes:
There are a variety of ways in which a client without a client project can access the server project:

  1. WinCC Explorer
  2. WinCC Projects
  3. WinCC Autostart

1. WinCC Explorer

No. Procedure
1 Open the WinCC Explorer on the client computer. Click "Open" to navigate to the server project. 

Fig. 01
2 Select the project's ".mcp" file. The login box for the client appears.

Fig. 02
3 Login with the user who is authorized to operate a client. This user must have been created in the server project beforehand. He requires "1000 Activate remote" or "1001 Configure remote" authorization. 

Fig. 03
4 The server project opens locally on your client computer.

2. WinCC projects

No. Procedure
1 The entry "WinCC Projects" can be found in the Windows Explorer. You can view all the WinCC projects present in the network via this entry.
Right-click the required server and select "Wire". 

Fig. 04
2 The client's login box opens. Enter the login and password of the user who is authorized to operate a client. He requires either "1000 Activate remote" or "1001 Configure remote"-level authorization. 
3 The server project now opens on your client computer (see No. 1 - WinCC Explorer).

3. WinCC autostart

No. Procedure
1 In the Windows Start menu click "Start > SIMATIC> WinCC" and select the "Autostart" entry.
2 In your network browse to the *.mcp file which you wish to start.

Fig. 05
3 If you mark this project as "active power up", a login box appears:

Fig. 06
4 Enter the login name and password of the user who possesses "1000 Configure remote" authorization in the server project. 

Fig. 07
5 If you only wish to have the WinCC Explorer open after you restart your computer, this box does not appear until the project is opened.

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