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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 16772445, Entry date: 08/29/2003

Error message when the alarm archive is opened – Entries are not visible

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Why is there an error message displayed when the alarm archive is opened, and there are no entries visible?

Access to the alarm archive takes place on the server via the "C_Server.exe" application. The system locates this application via corresponding entries in the registry..

"C_Server.exe" is automatically registered by the setup when CEMAT V5 is installed. This entry is "adapted" (i.e. changed) by the system in the registry if the file is moved or copied by the user to another folder. From this point onwards, this setting no longer fits, and access to the alarm archive in WinCC Runtime doesn't work.

Normally, the standard setting in Windows NT is that files earmarked to be deleted are moved to the Recycle Bin. You should change this setting so that these files are deleted straight away without having to be placed in the Recycle Bin beforehand.

As soon as you discover irregularities opening the alarm archive picture and are unsure whether files have been moved, check the appropriate entries in the registry, please. In order to do this, open the registry (regedit.exe) and look for appropriate CEMAT entries (e.g. for "C_Server.exe"). There are normally several entries for the C_Server.exe file. Keep looking until the message "No further entries present" appears. The places found in the registry for this keyword should ALL relate to "D:\Cem_V5\Bin" (without exception). You will need to re-install the PC completely as soon as you find another path (e.g. "Recycle Bin")! 

If you find another path entry and then only install CEMAT V5, the system will only make new registry entries. The old (incorrect) entries remain; consequently, access to the alarm archive will still not work properly in WinCC Runtime.

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