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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 16800008, Entry date: 08/25/2003

Establishing an Ethernet connection for APT ONLINE functions with SIMATIC NET 11/2002 and CP1613

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What has to be watched out if I want to use a SIMATIC NET CD 11/2002 and a CP1613 for APT ONLINE functions?

Make sure that in the configuration console for the CP 1613 under the entry "General","PG-operation" is set under Mode of the module.

All further steps are identical to the configuration using the SIMATIC NET CD 05/2000. The realisation of this configuration is described under entry ID: 16801401. Some of the illustrations may slightly look different, (especially the settings in the tool "Set PG/PC-interface") between the different SIMATIC NET CD editions. However, number and contents of the configuration dialog boxes are identic.

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