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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 16843609, Entry date: 09/12/2003

Servicepack 2 for SIMATIC WinAC RTX V4.0 available

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Servicepack 2 for SIMATIC WinAC RTX V4.0 available

Servicepack 2 for SIMATIC WinAC RTX V4.0 is now available

Corrections with WinAC RTX V4.0, SP2

The following corrections will be included with the SP2:

  • Corrections and improved behavior for Alarm_S/SQ
  • Improved safety for user program at sudden power loss of the PC
  • Improved behavior when using Report System Error in STEP 7 with WinAC RTX V4.0
  • WinAC RTX logs a diagnostic event on a transition to STOP mode in all cases now
  • ProTool /Pro now shuts down properly with WinAC RTX V4.0 running

Improved Safety for User Program

WinAC RTX V4.0 SP2 takes all efforts to save the user program from being lost at a sudden PC power fail situation. If a NTFS file system is used, the user program and last state can be recovered after the PC power is back.
User Programs and state changes (such as STOP->RUN) of WinAC RTX are stored in a file. If the file integrity gets corrupted because of a power fail , the current state and the user program may be lost and must be reloaded by the user.

Note: There can not be a 100% guarantee for file integrity, if the power fails while a file was opened for write access. The only 100% protection against that case is the use of a UPS.


To be able to use the routing functionality of WinAC RTX V4.0, beginning with SP1, the new SIMATIC NET CD 11/2002, SP1 (V6.1.1) is required.

Note: the SIMATIC NET CD 11/2002, SP1 (V6.1.1) supports Windows XP as well as Windows 2000 now. Please install this version with Windows 2000 operating system also, if Routing is required with WinAC RTX. Please contact your Siemens sales partner for the newest SIMATIC NET CD.

System requirements

Using the WinAC RTX V4.0 SP2 requires the installation of the SIMATIC NET CD 11/2002, SP1 (V6.1.1).

Note: The SIMATIC NET CD 11/2002, SP1 (V6.1.1) now supports Windows 2000 as well as Windows XP.

Availability of WinAC RTX V4.0, SP2

WinAC RTX V4.0 SP2 will be available as Internet download with Download ID 15227402 The WinAC RTX CD will be updated , too. The updated version is planed for October 2003.

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