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Use of the SINAUT modem MD4 for SIMATIC TeleService

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Industry modems are offered in 300s configuration technique in the product line of SINAUT. Can I also use the digital ISDN modem MD4 for the Simatic tele-service on the plant or in connection with the TS adapter?

Yes, however, some points have to be taken into account, which will be explained below.

  • For the connection of the ISDN modem MD4 with the TS adapter no standard modem line can be used. Use the SINAUT connecting cable with the order number: 6NH7701-4AL instead.
  • Check the switch setting of the ISDN modem MD4 and if necessary adapt the setting to your own hardware configuration. The following switch settings were used during the test configuration:

Switch from above:
1 = OFF
2 = OFF
3 = OFF
4 = OFF

Switch from below:
1 = ON
2 = OFF
3 = OFF
4 = OFF

Reconfigure the TS adapter, which should be used on the plant side. Change the parameter settings of the TS adapter in the direct connection. Therefore open the dialog box "configure parameter". Remove the command "F" from the standard Initstring according to figure 1.

You cannot change the parameter setting by a modem connection.

Fig. 1: Settings in the dialogue box "configure adapter".

The described solution can be used for all TS adapters (V3.0, V5.0, V5.1 and V5.2).

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