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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 17000077, Entry date: 09/10/2003

SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor Software Now Available

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The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor software is now available with version V1.0. The software monitors the functionality of SIMATIC PCs and is avilable as an option. PC Problems can be identified and alarms can be triggered also in the case of networked PCs. LAN, OPC, e-mail and telephone SMS are available as communication channels, whereby OPC enables direct integration in the SIMATIC software landscape.

The use of the SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor enables early identification of faults for SIMATIC PCs. Extensive and flexible communication of PC fault messages to the operator can help to avoid or reduce the downtime of a plant.

The new SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor software

  • Monitors critical conditions of SIMATIC PCs (hard disk, fan, temperature, system status)
  • Signals the identified errors as well as freely selectable maintenance intervals.
  • Communicates this information locally via SNMP or OPC, or remotely via LAN, e-mail or SMS (telephone)
  • Responds by means of a selectable PC restart in the case of a watchdog alarm and execution of batch programs and executable files.
  • Logs all events in a log file

Product features

Hard disk monitoring

Hard disk monitoring takes place by means of S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) - a hard disk diagnostics method supported by leading hard disk manufacturers to prevent loss of data.

  • SMART will cyclically check the data of the medium and the hard disk electronics for functionality and ageing, e.g. for deterioration of the technical features of the components.
  • SMART responds preventively, i.e. the hard disk is still operative, but should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid a total failure.
  • The aim of SMART is to provide a warning at least 24 h before the final hard disk failure and thus to enable the user to save his data in time and to replace the hard disk.

In the case of RAID1 options in SIMATIC PCs the SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor will monitor both hard disks forming the RAID1 system, also by means of a SMART analysis.

System monitoring

The system/LAN monitoring takes place via the network by evaluation of a cyclic "heartbeat".
If this heartbeat no longer arrives at the monitoring server, the indications are that a serious fault has arisen:
- PC has totally failed (e.g. power supply interrupted)
- Network card has failed
- LAN cable has been interrupted

Operating hours meter

The software includes an operating hours meter to count the absolute operating hours of the PC, by adding all operating times. Additional counter modes permit the simple creation of lists with timer alarms. These alarms can be defined as one-off or cyclic. When the programmed time is reached an alarm will be triggered, e.g. for a defined maintenance interval (change of filters, software backup, etc.).


  • LAN
    The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor enables you to easily build distributed Client/Server architectures. SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor acts as server to monitor the SIMATIC PCs connected to the network (clients) via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). In this way all the networked SIMATIC PCs in a complete manufacturing hall ca be monitored, for instance. The server PC does not necessarily have to be a SIMATIC PC. An office PC in a control room can also be used - with a separate DiagMonitor software license.
  • E-mail
    Messages can be sent to a service center as e-mails via preset addresses.
  • SMS
    Messages can also be sent to remote mobile service points as telephone SMS (Small Message Service).
  • OPC
    The OPC client functionality can be used to introduce messages directly to the SIMATIC software, e.g. to WinAC, Protool-Pro or WinCC.

Program execution

SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor enables you to execute

  • Batch files and/or
  • Executable files

as a result of an alarm. The system is thus open for the integration of customized scripts and applications.

Logging function

The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor provides a parameterizable log file in which all DiagMonitor activities (alarms, acknowledgements, inputs,..) are logged automatically and which can then provide the data for quality management, when required.

System preconditions


PC Products
Rack/Box PC 840
Box PC 620
Panel PC 670/870

PC Products
Rack IL40
Panel IL70
standard PC


Monitoring of own PC hardware
local message and/or via LAN to Server




Monitoring of own PC hardware
and monitoring of the client




Monitoring of the client



*) The monitoring of the own PC hardware by SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor requires the following products:



SIMATIC Panel PC 670
SIMATIC Panel PC 870

6AV772...., 6AV773....
6AV770...., 6AV771....

Executing under

Windows 98 SE
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP

Ordering data

The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor is available as an individual product or as an option within the SIMATIC PC Configurator.

SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor
Version V1.0
Single license

6ES7 648-6CA01-0YX0

DiagMonitor as configurable option
for SIMATIC Box PC 620 (V2)

6ES7 647-5....-..A0

DiagMonitor as configurable option
for SIMATIC Box PC 840

6ES7 647-4....-..A0

DiagMonitor as configurable option
for SIMATIC Rack PC 840

6ES7 643-6....-..A0


Each PC on which the SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor software is installed requires a license. This applies to all client and all server stations.

Security information
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