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How can you reduce the positioning times for short distances?

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The optimisation of the positioning time is possible with firmware version V3.07.05 and higher

With short positioning distances in combination with a parameterisation of relatively high accelerations (MD42-MD45) positioning is executed in a few FM-Cycles.

In previous software versions it was possible that depending on the programmed distance, positioning time could occur that are higher than the calculated times. It is possible that reducing the distance by e.g. the distance of one step of the stepper motor increases the positioning time by multiple FM-Cycles instead of reducing it or remaining the same.

In connection with this behaviour it might also be possible that incorrect positioning occurs, although this has never been experienced so far.

With firmware version V3.07.05 it is possible to change the mode of the FM353 to an optimised positioning profile.

Parameterisation to change the FM353 to the optimised positioning mode:




Positioning mode

56 E



Standard positioning profile



Optimised positioning profile


The MD56 is set to Zero (0) by default. This enables the standard positioning profile, which is used in previous firmware versions.

The parameterisation of MD56 with value 1 to enable the optimised positioning profile can only be done via MD-table of the parameterisation tool.

There is no range checking or error message for invalid values entered in MD56. Invalid values activate the standard positioning profile.

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