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How do you connect a potentiometer to the analog module 6ES7 331-1KF0.-0AB0?

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You can connect a potentiometer to the analog module 6ES7 331-1KF0.-0AB0 as follows. The figure below shows an example each for resistance measurement and voltage measurement.

Resistance measurement

  • Connect the pick-off and one of the end terminals of the potentiometer to terminal M+ of the channel concerned.
  • Connect the other end terminal of the potentiometer to the terminal M- of the input channel.
  • Then connect the S- and M- terminals of the connected channel with each other.
  • Potentiometers of up to 6 kOhm can be connected.

Voltage measurement

  • If a variable input voltage is to be simulated with the potentiometer, the pick-off of the potentiometer must be connected to U+ and the M side of the potentiometer to M- of the module and ground of the power supply.
    The third connection of the potentiometer must be supplied with a reference voltage corresponding to the measuring range of the module, +10V, for example.
  • We recommend a potentiometer of less than 10 kOhm.

Fig. 01

More information is also available in the manual "SIMATIC Automation System S7-300 Module Data" in Entry ID 8859629.

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