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Which WinCC/WebNavigator client can be connected to which WinCC/WebNavigator server?

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Generally each WinCC/WebNavigator client can be connected with each WinCC/WebNavigator server of the same or older version. This information is valid for versions V7.0 to V7.5.

The WinCC/WebNavigator client must have the same version as the WinCC/WebNavigator server or a more recent version. If you want to connect a WinCC/WebNavigator client with a WinCC/WebNavigator server with an older version, then the WinCC/WebNavigator client must be already logged on to a WinCC/WebNavigator server of the same version. Then you can use the WebNavigator client to log on without error to a WebNavigator server of an older version. If the version of the WebNavigator client is older than that of the WebNavigator server, you must upgrade the WebNavigator client to the version of the WebNavigator server.


  • If you want to operate a WinCC/WebNavigator server and a WinCC/WebNavigator client on one computer, then they must both have the same version. This also applies if you are operating WinCC and WinCC/WebNavigator server or WinCC and WinCC/WebNavigator client on one computer.
  • If the web client was connected first of all to the web server with the older version, then you have to delete the "CheckInstallation Class" file in "Internet Options / Temporary Internet Files / Settings / Display Objects" in the Internet Explorer of the web client. In isolated cases this is not enough and you have to reinstall the web client
  • Pay attention to the compatibility of the WinCC/WebNavigator client and the WinCC/WebNavigator server with the Internet Explorer. Refer to the manual for each version to find out for which Internet Explorer the WinCC/WebNavigator client and server are released.
  • Pay attention to settings that might be necessary in the Internet Explorer. Again refer to the version-specific manual.
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