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Using the Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD 7 burner software in Windows NT 4.0

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What do you have to watch out for when using the Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD 7 in Windows NT 4.0?

Windows NT 4.0 behaves differently to more recent Windows operating systems that support changeable storage media. Below is a list of the known differences.

  1. When installing the burner software, error "1904" is issued. After acknowledging however the installation is made properly and the program functions are not affected.
  2. With "InstantWrite" a UDF medium is created (random access medium).
    Formatting a CD-RW takes several hours, the progress bar stops briefly just before the end and finishing of the formatting is not displayed.
    If you start the Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL), the previously hidden window is displayed with a summary of the formatting procedure.
  3. The CD-RW contents are not updated immediately in the Explorer and pressing the "F5" key has no effect.
  4. If you insert an empty CD-RW, then, in the Explorer, the contents of the previous CD remain and the display is not updated (not even with the "F5" key). However, the display of the drive contents is always updated immediately in "InstantDisc".
  5. In "InstantDisc", if you select "Options and Settings" in the menu bar, you might get the following two errors:
    "Cannot find the Dynamic Link Library WMVCore.dll in the path specified" and
    "Access violation at address 0045CBF7 in the module "CDWIZARD.EXE". Reading of address 00000000"
    If you acknowledge these error messages with "OK", then the window is displayed with the settings. The program functions are not affected.
  6. In the "EraseDisc" function of DVD/RW media in "InstantDisc", the end of the Erase procedure is displayed too early. If you start the Erase procedure with the setting "Complete", then the window for the Erase procedure closes within one minute. But the blank continues to be erased. To determine when the Erase procedure has been completed, you have to observe the status LED of the drive. When it stops lighting, then the Erase procedure has finished.

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