Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 17576263, Entry date: 11/07/2003

Modification of the printing color in the tag logging

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How can I modify the color for the printing of reports in SIMATIC PCS 7?

The display color (text color of the report) is always printed. Since this is not possible for white documents e.g. operation reports, is it printed in black.
In order to achieve a different color for the print e.g. the operation reports, you will have to modify the display color (text color) in the Alarm Logging for the reporting class.

The modification also affects the display of the SIMATIC PCS 7 OS Runtime!

Using SIMATIC PCS 7 V6.x, only new reports are affected by a modification of the text color. Reports resulting from the archive are still printed in the old text color. In SIMATIC PCS 7 V5.x and V4.x, a modification of the text color always affects all reports.