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Application Example: Pump Control Using the Example of a Cistern (LOGO! and SIMIREL Function Relay)

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How can I realize a pump control for a cistern for example?

The application on hand is suitable for pump control tasks which appear in home and building services automation and in the trading industry. Fields of application are e.g. rainwater usage plants, well controls, fill level controls and irrigation plants.

The process works as follows: A cistern is supplied by rainwater. The cistern features an overflow so that surplus rainwater can seep away. If not enough rainwater is available, drinking water is to be filled into the cistern. A low fill level is detected via the level electrode and processed by a fill level monitoring relay. The drinking water supply is controlled via a digital output of the logic module by means of a solenoid valve. Via a pumping station, collected water is drawn from the cistern by means of a suction pipe and made available as service water. The pumping station consists of an electric motor (with PTC resistor for motor temperature monitoring) and connected centrifugal pump. Water pressure which is transferred to the logic module via a pressure sensor is stored in a pressure vessel to prevent that the pump runs permanently. The logic module monitors the motor using sensor technology and function relays.

The technological process was only simulated in the application; it was not set up and tested with real components (e.g. cistern, …). In the documentation, the described components are listed in a table to show the possibilities of ordering.

SH_0376_mae09_pumpe_logo_simirel_v00_e.exe ( 1666 KB )

Copy the "SH_0376_mae09_pumpe_logo_simirel_v00_e.exe" file into a separate folder and launch the file by double-clicking it.

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