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Acknowledging alarm messages in Windows-based devices

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Can I simulate the acknowledge button or key (ACK) to be able to acknowledge alarm messages?

You have three options for acknowledging alarm messages:

  • Acknowledge via the "Message_Display_Acknowledge_Message" function.
  • Acknowledge the messages via the "Acknowledge_messge" function.
  • Configure the acknowledge button or key yourself.

Acknowledging using the "Message_Display_Acknowledge_Message"
Using the "Message_Display_Acknowledge_Message" function you can acknowledge the message selected in the message display (single acknowledgment). You specify the name of the picture object "MessageView" as parameter of the function. This function can only be configured on a button.

Fig. 1: "Message_Display_Acknowledge_Message" function

Acknowledging using the "Acknowledge_Message" function
Using the "Acknowledge_Message" function you can acknowledge all the message selected (group acknowledgment). You don't have to specify any parameters. This function can be triggered via a button, interrupt timer or a script.

Fig. 2: "Acknowledge_Message" function

Configuring your own Acknowledge button or key
Proceed as follows to configure the Acknowledge functionality:

  1. Creating the area pointer "Acknowledge PLC".

    The address of the area pointer "Acknowledges PLC" has to be directly behind the alarm message!
    The length has to match the length of the area pointer "Alarm Messages"!

Fig. 3: "Acknowledge PLC" area pointer

  1. Acknowledging alarm messages via the "Set_value" function with the tag "Alarm_Ack_PLC_Var"
    The "Alarm_Ack_PLC_Var" tag of the "WORD" type is the area pointer Acknowledge PLC. To have all alarm messages acknowledged the value "65536" has to be written in the tag.

Fig. 4: Acknowledging alarm messages

Make sure that once the messages have gone the relevant bit of the area pointer "Acknowledge PLC" is reset again in the controller.

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