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Call-back feature of the TS adapter v.5.x

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My intention is that that the costs of the TeleService session is billed to the plant und therefore I would like to be called back after dial-in. How can I do this and what must I take into consideration?

The costs of the phone call are normally billed to the person that starts the TeleService session. However,TeleService can be used in the sense that the modem connection is shortly established for the first contact. Afterwards, the reverse/opposite direction is established by the TS Adapter (call back). Now, the costs are allocated to the plant.

TeleService distinguishes between 2 call-back variants:

  1. Call back of a phone number which is indicated during the connection establishment:
    This Variant is favorable if the costs for the modem connection should be billed to the plant or if the actual call-back number is variable. The call-back is not always intended to be directed to the same recipients number. Thus, this is interesting for users who are mobile.
  2. Call-back to a phone number which is predefined in the TS adapter:
    This is the variant with the highest access rights protection. It might imply the risk that a wrong configuration of the TS adapter might lead to the danger that a modem connection can be unreachable. This circumstance might require a field service on the customer site.

Prerequisites for both variants are access protection, information regarding the site as well as dial-in configuration using the integrated TS adapter function in "Extras > in the TS adapter parameterize adapter properly".

Important for both call variants is that the correct information regarding the site and the dialling properties are inserted. The TS adapter uses this configuration to call back together with the call-back number. Particularly important are prefix, dialling procedure and the call setting "wait for dial tone before dialling".

With the prefix you can configure the behaviour of the TS adapter on site, e.g. with a "0" you can indicate, that the modem is connected to a telephone system. With the "0" you can get an outside line and with "," you will wait 500ms before the actual phone number is dialed. Using the modem at a main extension just by changing the location of the TS adapter and removal of the entry in the field prefix. If you proceed as described here then you can enter the call-back number in both call-back variants as follows: "089 32 168".

By configuring the access protection you can determine the call-back type:

Call-back type

Administrator User
Password Call-back
number 2)
Password Call-back
number 2)
Call-back to number provided at dial-up entered empty entered empty
Call-back to a number deposited in the TS adapter entered entered
Important 1)
entered entered 3)

1) Important:
If a wrong call-back number is deposited by the administrator "ADMIN" then the TS adapter is not remotely accessible.


  • Do not assign a call-back number for the administrator "ADMIN", respectively before doing this test the call-back number with a user, then assign this one to the administrator.
  • Test the call-back number with "at dial-up define phone number".

2) The call-back number can be stated at a dial-up. A here provided phone number has got a higher access protection priority and cannot be overwritten.

3) A call-back number can be changed by the respective user. This must take place before you change the location.