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What should you watch out for when parameterizing the initialization string for a modem with TeleService?

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The initialization string is a character string composed of AT commands (quasi-standard commands for modems) with which the modem connected to or integrated in the TS Adapter is initialized.

Significance of the AT commands entered by default in the TS Adapter
The following AT commands are entered by default in the Teleservice Adapter and are suitable for the majority of modems:

  • "AT &F E1 L1 M1 Q0 V1 &C1 S0=1"

The table below describes these default commands.

AT command Explanation / meaning
&F Activate modem default values
E1 Switch on Echo mode
L1 Low sound volume
M1 Switch on loudspeakers until connection is set up
Q0 Switch on Return value
V1 Return value as text
&C1 Use DCD
S0=1 Activate automatic answer mode (pickup at first ring)

Using the modem description, check whether the commands set by default also fulfill the desired function in your modem. If you need a different AT command, change it in the TS Adapter.

Initializing US Robotic Modems on the TS Adapter
As from TeleService version V5.0 you can divide the parameterizable initialization string into two logical substrings:

  • <Initstring1>;<Initstring2>.

Initstring1 is transferred from the TS Adapter to the connected modem after restart or voltage recovery. If the Initstring1 is acknowledged via the modem (OK or ERROR), then Initstring2 is also transferred to initialize the modem.

The character ";" is used to separate Initstring1 and Initstring2 and must therefore only be used for this purpose in the initialization string.

Different to the default setting described above, the US Robotics modems require the AT command "AT &F1" (instead of the usual: "AT &F"), otherwise the US Robotic Modem is not initialized on the TS Adapter.

Replace the initialization string "&F" with "&F1".

  • Default: "AT&FE1L1M1Q0V1&C1S0=1"
  • For US Robotics modem: "AT&F1E1L1M1Q0V1&C1S0=1"

For direct mode you connect the TS Adapter via a zero modem cable (e.g. order number: 6ES5 901-1BF00-0XA0) with the serial interface (COMx) of the PC with the Teleservice software. In the SIMATIC Manager under "Options > Set PG/PC interface...", you must select the "Direct Connection" setting for the driver of the TS Adapter. More detailed information on this is also available in the manual:

  • "TeleService for S7, C7, and M7 Remote Maintenance for Automation Systems" in Entry ID: 1139186.

Initializing the TC65 Terminal on the TS Adapter
The system does not permit the TC65 Terminal to be used on TS Adapter V3.x to V5.x nor on TS Adapter II. However, using the following strings you can initialize the TS Adapter IE without restrictions with the TC65T:

  • Initialization 1: AT+CPIN = "xxx" (where xxx = PIN number)
  • Initialization 2: AT^scfg = "GPRS/ats0/withAttach","off";&FE1M1Q0V1&C1S0 = 1

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