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Connecting an OP as DP slave - configuration of DP direct control buttons

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How do I connect an OP as DP slave so I can use DP direct control buttons?

When linking an OP as DP slave to STEP 7 hardware configuration, the OP is assigned an I/O area for the logic control (SIMATIC S7). The buttons or switches (functioning as direct control button) for the operator panel use bytes in the DP input area and the LEDs use bytes in the DP output area. If you do not want to use any DP direct buttons in your configuration, then it is not necessary to connect the OP to STEP 7 hardware configuration. In that case the OP only has to be connected to the logic control in ProTool.

Connecting an OP as DP slave - configuration of DP direct control buttons

  1. Open your STEP 7 project with SIMATIC Manager.
  2. Choose "Insert > Station" and insert a "SIMATIC OP".

Fig. 1: Inserting a SIMATIC OP

ProTool must be operated in "STEP 7 integrated" Mode. You can select the "STEP 7 integrated" mode with commands "Start > SIMATIC > ProTool CS > ProTool Setup".

  1. Double-click the OP icon. The ProTool project wizard starts.
  2. Select the given target device, e.g. "Mobile Panel 170".

Fig 2: Target device

The following OPs/MPs/TPs support "DP direct control buttons" functionality:

  • OP7, OP17
  • OP27, TP27
  • OP35
  • OP37, TP37
  • TP170B, OP170B, Mobile Panel 170
  • OP270, TP270
  • MP270, MP270B, MP370
  1. Select "SIMATIC S7-300/400" as the control protocol and open the parameters dialog.

Fig. 3: Selecting the control protocol

  1. Connect Mobile Panel 170 to the S7 program of the CPU with the PROFIBUS DP.
  2. Accept the setting with "OK".

If the OP is connected to the wrong network or has no network connection at all, it cannot be connected as a DP slave in the STEP 7 hardware configuration

Fig. 4: Connecting panel with logic controller ( 23 KB )

  1. When you choose "Finish", the ProTool project is created with the settings entered.
  2. Close ProTool.
  3. Then open hardware configuration for the S7 station.

Fig. 5: Opening hardware configuration

  1. The SIMATIC OPs are located in Hardware Catalog under "PROFIBUS DP > Configured Stations > SIMATIC OP". Select the configured device there (Mobile Panel 170) and, holding the mouse button down, drag it into the PROFIBUS DP.

Fig. 6: Inserting the SIMATIC OP

  1. This opens the Properties dialog.
  2. Connect the Panel to the DP master and close Properties - DP slave.

Fig. 7: Connecting the DP slave to the DP master

  1. Insert the module (Mobile Panel 170) in the table. The module is used to define specific device information and the address of the I/O area.

Fig. 8: Inserting the module for the I/O areas ( 30 KB )

  1. Save and compile the configuration.
  2. If you load the S7 station with this configuration and the OP is not yet connected to the PROFIBUS DP, a bus error is displayed on the CPU. This only disappears when you load the OP with the corresponding configuration and connect it to the bus.

For further information on DP direct control buttons, please refer to "SIMATIC HMI Communication for Windows-based Systems Part 1" in section "6.5 Configuring the DP direct control buttons for operator panel" under Entry-ID: 1405528.

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