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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 18153256, Entry date: 01/18/2004

New SIMATIC C7-636 Control System

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The new SIMATIC C7-636 Key control system has been released for delivery. After the innovations of the lower and medium performance level of SIMATIC C7, the upper performance SIMATIC C7 has now been innovated. The new SIMATIC C7-636 is a combination of a SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 315-2DP with an OP270, plus the integrated I/Os of the CPU 314C-2DP. The SIMATIC C7-636 is thus the first SIMATIC C7 unit with a color graphics display and is recommended for applications with high performance requirements.

1. Highlights of the new SIMATIC C7-636

The new SIMATIC C7-636 units expands the range of SIMATIC C7 control systems at the upper end of performance. All control systems offer the following advantages:

· Space saving

· Time saving during assembly, wiring and engineering

· Cost saving compared to comparable modular solutions

· System integration as part of Totally Integrated Automation

The SIMATIC C7-636 offers:

PLC Section:

· Retentive data storage on Micro Memory Card (MMC)

· Considerably reduced runtimes and high processing speed

· User-oriented and robust on-board I/Os, as well as integrated technological functions

· Highly flexible expandability; S7-300 modules can be plugged in a space-saving manner onto the backplane of the C7 unit

· Increased quantity framework for blocks

· Profibus DP-V1 protocol

Panel Section:

· Brillant 5.7"color STN display with 256 colors for superb readability

· High-performance HMI functionality, e.g. archive, bar chart, curve graphics

· High MTBF of the display backlight with 50 000 hrs

· Backup/Restore of archive and recipe data via CF Card, MPI, Ethernet (TCP/IP; optional via NE-2000 compatible network card in CF format) or USB

· Remote download/upload of the configuration

· Colors of the keys and LEDs in accordance with the EN 60204 standard "Electrical equipment of machines"

2. Technical data

An overview of the technical data is available in the new Product Brief.





3. Configuration / programming:

  • STEP7 V5.2 + Service Pack 1 and higher plus additional hardware support package (HSP). Installation of the HSP is possible in STEP7, HW Config under Extras, directly via Internet. Expected availability: End of January 2004
  • ProTool V6.0 + Service Pack 2 and higher plus additional setup of the SIMATIC C7-636 unit (see entry ID 17890405)
  • WinCC flexible when the new configuration software becomes available.

4. Documentation

The user manual of the C7-636 unit is available for documentation.

This manual only contains the changes and specialities of this product. The S7-300 and the TP/OP/MP 270B manuals are required in addition.

In order to ensure that first-time users have the complete documentation on hand, a documentation package with the full scope of the required documentation will be made available. The package contains:

· SIMATIC C7-636 user manual (6ES7 636-1AA00-8_A0)

· SIMATIC S7-300 user manual (6ES7 398-8FA10-8_A0), consisting of

o Reference Manual CPU data CPU 312C to 314C-2PtP/DP

o Manual for Technological Functions

o Installation Manual

o Reference Manual for Module Data

o List of Operations CPU312C to 314C-2PtP/DP

· User Manual for TP/OP/MP270B (6AV6 591-1DC20-0A_0)

5. Replacement of predecessor products

The new C7-636 unit is intended as an addition to the existing product range, i.e. in view of its new functionality there can be no 1:1 replacement.

However, the new SIMATIC C7 unit has a number of improved features compared to the earlier C7-626 unit, so that the C7-636 is a very attractive alternative to the C7-626.

Improved machine visualization and operator input due to

· 5.7" color graphics display

· Extensive HMI functions

Maintenance-free operation

· Retentive data storage on Micro Memory Card (MMC)

Increase of productivity

· Considerably reduced runtimes

Reduced engineering effort

· User-oriented on-board I/Os -Peripherie, as well as integrated technological functions

Bigger range of applications,

· Highly flexible expandability; S7-300 modules can be plugged in a space-saving manner onto the backplane of the C7 unit

The new C7-636 unit is thus suitable for most of the applications of the two existing versions of the C7-626. For individual advice please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office.


6. Ordering data


Order No.

C7-636 Key
Control system with integrated:
S7-300 CPU315-2 DP,
OP270B and
24 DI, 16 DO, 5 AI, 2 AO

6ES7 636-2EC00-0AE3

for separate ordering:

Set of screw-type terminals

6ES7 635-0AA00-4AA0

Set of spring-loaded terminals

6ES7 635-0AA00-4BA0

Micro Memory Card S7-300/ET 200S

64 Kbyte

6ES7 953-8LF10-0AA0

128 Kbyte

6ES7 953-8LG10-0AA0

512 Kbyte

6ES7 953-8LJ10-0AA0

2 Mbyte

6ES7 953-8LL10-0AA0

4 Mbyte

6ES7 953-8LM10-0AA0

8 Mbyte

6ES7 953-8LP11-0AA0

optionally available:

I/O set for 2 modules, flat mounting

6ES7 635-0AA00-6AA0

I/O set for 4 modules, angular mounting

6ES7 635-0AA00-6BA0

I/O extension cable 1.5m

6ES7 635-0AA00-6CA0

CF Card 32MB for TP/OP section

6AV6 574-2AC00-2AA0


SIMATIC C7-636 User Manual


6ES7 636-1AA00-8AA0


6ES7 636-1AA00-8BA0

(available as from Feb. 2004)

6ES7 636-1AA00-8CA0

(available as from Feb. 2004)

6ES7 636-1AA00-8DA0

(available as from Feb. 2004)

6ES7 636-1AA00-8EA0

SIMATIC C7-636 Manual Package


6ES7 636-1EA00-8AA0


6ES7 636-1EA00-8BA0

(available as from Feb. 2004)

6ES7 636-1EA00-8CA0

(available as from Feb. 2004)

6ES7 636-1EA00-8DA0

(available as from Feb. 2004)

6ES7 636-1EA00-8EA0

SIMATIC Manual Collection

6ES7 998-8XC01-8YE0

SIMATIC Manual Collection
update service for 1 year

6ES7 998-8XC01-8YE2


Earth rail with shield terminal for analog I/Os

6ES7 635-0AA00-6EA0

Service kit with 3 gaskets, 10 brackets

6ES7 635-0AA00-3AA0

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