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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 18177672, Entry date: 01/21/2004

Update of STEP 5 V7.2x to V7.23 for PG7xx and PCs

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The update includes the following changes:

  • The STEP 5 add-on program "S5Eprom" has been changed such, that the displays in the list box are scrolled during the output and thus always disply the last updated message.
  • An Eprom with data of a COM package in the external USB Prommer will now always announce itself unambiguously from the STEP 5 view: "MODULE CONTENT INVALID".
  • If the H1 or L2 port has been selected in a PX.INI, although this port does not exist on the PG, the AS511 port will be set automatically. All AS511 parameters can be selected.
  • In the STL correction mode a new rung can be added with F6 and the interrogation 'Take over changed network?' can be acknowledged with 'No', without the command being overwritten at the cursor position with *** or BE.
  • The sporadic failure with F5 Network Functions => F3 Block End has been corrected. The failure would only occur if operands were output symbolically in STL.
  • The message 'Pre-header to this block not available' will only be output if a pre-header is required. A FB/FX pre-header will contain the names of the jump labels.
  • When all blocks are transferred, the sequence is now selected such, that the PLC can make optimum use of the free memory space.
  • If the symbol comments have been selected for STL outputting, this setting will be retained even after a change of block.
  • The changeover to STL in the status of FB/FX calls will only be made if the parameters do not fit into the status buffer of the PLC. Depending on the PLC used, either 18 or 38 parameters will fit into the status buffer in the case of FB calls. In the case of FX calls one parameter less can be transferred.
  • Scrolling in status block is prohibited as long as status processing is active. To be able to scroll, running status processing must first be interrupted with the ESC key. The user can then scroll to the desired place. Status processing can be continued with the insert key.
  • In the case of the on-line function "Block Status" via L2-BUS of a block presently not being processed in the CPU943-B, it will take 2 to 5 minutes until the message "Block is not being processed" comes up. During this time STEP 5 will not respond to F8 [Abort] and also not to the ESC key.

System prerequisites

  • MS-DOS V5.0 or higher
  • Windows 3.11
  • Windows 95/98/ME and NT/2000/XP

Software prerequisites

  • STEP 5 V7.2x - Basic package or
  • STEP 5 V7.2x - Mini PLC package

Installation hints

Please read the installation instructions in the file STEP5D.TXT

Download for STEP 5 V7.23 Update

s5upd723.zip ( 16959 KB )

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