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Where can you find an overview of all the available LOGO! modules, software updates, manuals and a comparison of the previous versions of the hardware and software?

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A lot of information is available on the LOGO! home page. Here is a brief overview:

  • Under "Logic module LOGO!" on the left in the navigation you will find product information for each of the LOGO! components.
  • Under "Overviews > More about LOGO! >Sample applications" on the right in the navigation you can access the web page LOGO! Sample Applications. There you will find descriptions of applications with the associated control programs.
  • Under "Overviews > More about LOGO! > Demo software, Upgrades/Updates, Drivers" on the right in the navigation you access the web page LOGO! Demo software, Upgrades/Updates, Drivers. There you will find a free download of the current LOGO! Soft Comfort demo version and upgrades/updates.

    LOGO!Soft is no longer supplied and cannot be upgraded to LOGO!Soft Comfort. The last available "LOGO!Soft" version V3.0.29 is only suitable for the device series 0BA0 and 0BA1.

    With the latest version of LOGO!Soft Comfort you can also create control programs for previous LOGO! device series. You can procure "LOGO!Soft Comfort" from Siemens Sales or from the usual wholesalers. A contact database is available in the internet at:


    Article number
    LOGO! Soft Comfort V86ED1058-0BA08-0YA1
    LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 Upgrade6ED1058-0CA08-0YE1


Always keep the LOGO!Soft Comfort Software up to date via the downloads under "LOGO! Demo software, Upgrades/Updates, Drivers" in order to meet the requirements for the latest development status of the devices. Information about determining the development status is available in Entry ID 13992345.

Further Information
More information and sample applications for LOGO! are available on the overview page "Getting Started with LOGO! and SIMATIC S7-1200" in Entry ID 35923253.

Compatibility Table
The document below provides an overview of the different LOGO! device series and their compatibility with LOGO!Soft Comfort.

  18185594_Compare_LOGO_e.pdf (59,7 KB)

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