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Difference between the PROFIBUS DP interfaces on Technology CPUs

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What is the difference between the two PROFIBUS DP interfaces on the Technology CPUs and what can they be used for?

The Technology CPUs have two interfaces, one MPI/DP interface and one DP(DRIVE) interface.

The MPI/DP interface is no different to the MPI/DP interface on a standard CPU. It can be parameterized either as an MPI interface (up to 12Mbit/s) or as a DP interface (master or slave interface). The MPI/DP interface is for connecting more SIMATIC components such as PG, OP, S7 controllers and distributed I/Os.

The DP(DRIVE) interface is for connecting drive systems and some additional components, e.g. external sensors (via the synchronous SIMODRIVE Sensor) or cams/hardware limit switches via the synchronous ET 200M. The DP(DRIVE) interface supports the drive systems complying with the PROFIdrive Profile.

All the main SIEMENS drives are supported. The synchronicity enables faster procedures with better quality.
The components that can be operated on the DP(DRIVE) interface are given in the hardware catalog of STEP 7 in the "SIMATIC Technology CPU" profile and in the manual "S7-300 CPU 31xT" in Entry ID: 21362915.

You can operate both interfaces at a baud rate of up to 12 Mbit/s.

It is recommended not to operate any PGs, PCs, OPs or TDs on the PROFIBUS DP(DRIVE).

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