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Languages for S5 PMC channels in connection with CEMAT

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How do I clear the error message "language not supported"?

The S5 PMC channels have only a German and an English user interface (see ReadMe). The language-specific texts are missing in any other language and the channel aborts with the error "language not supported" (entry in the LOG file) if there is no English version installed (default language).

You now have the following options for clearing the error message:

  • Also install English, which is the channel default language.
  • Have an appropriate language version created (for a charge) by the provider of the channel (mail to: it4industry@siemens.com).
  • Use the remedy described below.

This workaround is described below for the various S5 PMC channels. The German or English language files have to be copied for the desired language (e.g. French) and renamed accordingly. Here, for "xxx" you must enter either "deu" (German) or "enu" (English) and for "yyy" you must enter "fra" (French), "ita" (Italian) or "esp" (Spanish), for example.

Channel "SIMATIC S5 PMC Ethernet"

  • Copy the file S5PMCH1xxx.LNG to S5PMCH1yyy.LNG


  • Copy the file S5PMCL2xxx.LNG to S5PMCL2yyy.LNG

Channel "SIMADYN D PMC Ethernet"

  • Copy the file SDPH1xxx.LNG to SDPH1yyy.LNG
  • Copy the file SDCMNxxx.LNG to SDCMNyyy.LNG


  • Copy the file SDPL2xxx.LNG to SDPL2yyy.LNG
  • Copy the file SDCMNxxx.LNG to SDCMNyyy.LNG

Channel "TDC PMC TCP"

  • Copy the file SDPH1xxx.LNG to SDPH1yyy.LNG
  • Copy the file SDCMNxxx.LNG to SDCMNyyy.LNG

The error message can occur with the following products:

Product Order number
SD-PMC / Industrial Ethernet 2XV9450-1WC43-0AX0
Update SD-PMC / Industrial Ethernet 2XV9450-1WC43-0AX1
Update SD-PMC / PROFIBUS 2XV9450-1WC43-0BX1
SD-PMC / Industrial Ethernet red. 2XV9450-1WC43-0CX0
Update SD-PMC / Industrial Ethernet red. 2XV9450-1WC43-0CX1
S5-PMC / Industrial Ethernet red. 2XV9450-1WC43-0DX0
Update S5-PMC / Industrial Ethernet red. 2XV9450-1WC43-0DX1
S5-PMC PB 2XV9450-1WC43-0EX0
S5-PMC IE 2XV9450-1WC43-0JX0
TDC-PMC / TCP-IP 2XV9450-1WC43-0KX0
Update TDC-PMC / TCP-IP 2XV9450-1WC43-0KX1

Table 1: Products with language files

For RedSwitch and WinCC-SIM, this behavior does not occur, because they do not have any language files (only English is available).

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