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Usage of Diagnostics Repeaters and STEP 5

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How can I use the diagnostics functions of the diagnostics repeaters with STEP 5?

The diagnostics repeater 6ES7 972-0AB01-0XA0 supplies internally the data of the network topology, of diagnostics functions, as well as statistics on reflexions and error messages for collection. Additionally, the diagnostics repeater level 2 offers you various functionalities which are integrated into COM PROFIBUS from V 5.1 SP2 HF3 and in STEP 7 V 5.2.

By means of the enclosed and free block, these data are now available to you in the S5 world.

The block can be used is in every CPU of the series 115,135 and 155, for which a standard block FB 192 is available too. There you can use all functions of the diagnostics repeater level 2. COM PROFIBUS from V5.2 SP1, or STEP 7 from V5.2 SP1, is only necessary for detection of the bus topology. You need the IM 308C as PROFIBUS interface.

The functional block contained in the download FB 199 (DR_INFO) offers you the following functions:

  • Retrieving and supplying the diagnostics buffers
  • Retrieving and supplying of the statistics on error rates of reflexions and messages
  • Retrieving and supplying on topology data on all segments (events controlled)
  • Time correction of the diagnostics repeater

A detailed description of the block and its usage is available in the following user description

FB199_DR_Anwenderbeschreibung_V1_00.pdf ( 408 KB )

A detailed description of the diagnostics data, that can be transfered into SIMATIC S5, you find in the manual "Diagnostics Repeater for PROFIBUS DP". You find this manual in Entry-ID: 7915183.


  • Use the FB192 in the most up-to-date version.
  • Ensure that there is no other call of a FB 192 when calling FB199.
  • Call the FB192 only once a cycle.
  • Please note that the FB192 uses scratch flags starting from flag byte 200.
  • Do not change the name of the FBs - thus ensuring compatibility with future versions.

DR_308C.exe ( 72 KB )

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