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What should you watch out for to ensure successful installation of ProTool Lite, ProTool and ProTool/Pro?

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Please proceed as explained below before starting to install ProTool Lite, ProTool or ProTool/Pro (referred to as "ProTool" below).

  • Compatibility between the Windows operating system and ProTool
    In order to be able to guarantee the unrestricted scope of functions of ProTool in the Windows operating system, you should make sure that your version of ProTool is compatible with the Windows operating system on your PC. The ProTool/Windows operating system compatibility list is available in "Compatibility of SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, SIMATIC ProTool and SIMATIC ProTool/Pro with Windows operating systems" in Entry ID: 8795248.
  • Observe the system requirements for ProTool
    The system requirements for ProTool are given in the document "installnotes.pdf" on the ProTool Installation CD ("...\Docs\ProTool\English\").
  • Deactivate the virus scanner
    An activated virus scanner on your PC can interfere with the installation procedure. It is therefore recommended to deactivate any virus scanner before starting the installation.
  • Logging on with Administrator rights
    You have to have specific user rights to be able to start installing ProTool on the PC. Please log on to your PC as local administrator.

More information on installing ProTool is available in the entries below.

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