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What settings do you have to make to be able to print on a network printer with a Windows-based panel (except the 170 series)?

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  • Windows-based panel with Ethernet interface
  • Crossover network cable or hub and standard network cable
  • PC with Ethernet interface
  • Printer with drive floppy disk or CD and connecting cable
  • ProTool V6.0 SP2 or WinCC flexible

Direct message logging via a network printer is not possible with Windows-based panels. All other print functions (hard copy, layer log) are possible via the network without any restrictions.

Configuration steps

  1. Installing the printer on the PC
  2. Setting up the network connection on the Windows-based panel
  3. Installing the printer on the Windows-based panel
  4. Printing with the Windows-based panel via the network


  1. Installing the printer on the PC
  • Connect the printer to the PC via a standard connection cable (USB, serial, parallel).
  • The operating system's automatic hardware detection recognizes the printer as new hardware on the PC.
  • If the printer's driver is supplied with the Windows operating system, the printer is installed automatically.
  • Otherwise the Hardware Update Wizard opens for installing the printer driver.
  • Insert the driver floppy disk or CD into the appropriate drive of the PC.
  • When installing the printer with the Hardware Update Wizard refer to the driver information provided.
  • Once the printer has been installed successfully it has to be enabled for access via the network.
  • For this, you open the printer dialog via "Start > Settings > Printer".
  • Mark the printer and open the Properties of the printer via "Right-click > Properties".
  • Switch to the Sharing tab and select the option Share this printer.
  • The share name of the printer must be specified in the printer settings on the Windows-based panel.

Fig. 1: Enabling printer sharing

  • Close the Properties dialog with Apply and OK.
  • Print a test page on the printer to check that the printer is working.
  1. Setting up the network connection on the Windows-based panel

Instructions for setting up a network connection on the Windows-based panel are available in Entry ID: 13336639 - "Setting up an Ethernet connection between a WinCE Panel (except the 170 series) and a PC".

  1. Installing the printer on the Windows-based panel
  • The entire configuration of the printer is done in the "Control Panel" on the Windows-based panel.
  • Open the "Printer" dialog.
  • Set the printer language of your printer in "Printer Language". This example uses a "Brother HL1250 Laser Printer" and so the printer language is set to "PCL Laser".
  • The "Port" specifies the interface via which the printer is connected to the Windows-based panel. Select "Network:", because the connection to the printer is set up via Ethernet.
  • In "Network" you specify the network path of the printer. The network path is made up of the computer name of the PC and the share name of the printer. For the computer name "hmi" and share name "BrotherH" (see Fig. 1) the path is: \\hmi\BrotherH.
  • You also have the option of using a print server. More information on the necessary requirements is available in the system manual of WinCC flexible 2008 SP1 in section 6.1. You can download the system manual in Entry ID: 34780187. The download is in chapter 3 Product Information.

The printer can be addressed only via the computer name and not via the IP address of the PC.

  • You can also set the the paper size, portrait or landscape format, color or black-and-white print, and the quality of the printout.
  • Close the "Printer" dialog with OK.
  1. Printing with the Windows-based panel via the network
  • Finally you create a ProTool project for the Windows-based panel in which a print function like "Print_screen" is implemented.
  • Transfer the project to the panel.
  • Trigger the print function on the panel.
  • A system message is displayed on the panel when the print job has been completed successfully.


  • Enabled and tested printers for SIMATIC Panels and Multi Panels are given in Entry ID: 11376409.
    Info on link
    The printers released for ProTool V6.0 SP1a are located in the Excel table in the "Printer List Edition 01.01.2003" tab.
    All the "printers released" for ProTool V6.0 SP2 and higher are located in the Excel table in the Printer List Edition 12.08.2004 tab.
  • An example for checking the network connection between a WinCE panel and the PC is available in Entry ID: 13337379.

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