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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 187917, Entry date: 12/12/1997

Central configuration with expansion rack ER 701-2 and ER 701-3

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I must connect an expansion rack centrally in the configuration of the AG 115U. Which expansion rack can I use?

For the central configuration you can use all four expansion racks (ER 701-0, -1, -2 and -3). The catalog describes that the expansion racks ER 701-2 and -3 can be used for the central configuration. For this you require a power supply and interface module IM 306. However, you can also configure centrally with these two expansion units. For a central configuration you do not need a power supply in the expansion unit and an IM 306 interface module is only necessary if you have variable slot addressing (e.g. analog modules in the ER). In the case of fixed slot addressing you can use the IM 305 interface module.