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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 18792629, Entry date: 04/13/2004

New SIMATIC Panel PC 870 V2 Keyboard Models available now

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Effective immediately, all models of the upgraded Panel PC 870 V2 with keyboard front are available for delivery. The models with touchscreen front are scheduled for delivery at the beginning of May 2004.

The hardware of the SIMATIC Panel PC 870 V1 has been upgraded. Effective immediately, the Panel PC 870 is offered with significantly increased performance. With the upgraded hardware, new  delivery models also become available.  

SIMATIC Panel PC 870 V2 - Upgraded Hardware

The upgraded hardware of the Panel PC 870 V2 continues to provide the user with all the benefits of the Panel PC 870:

  • Highest computing performance
  • Flexible setup  
  • Rugged design for application in rough industrial environments
  • Remote-mount configuration available as an option (operating unit can be separated by up to 20 m)
    -> Even more space-saving installation (boom-mounted, swivel arm-mounted, ...)
    -> Max. angle of inclination is 70°

and now in addition:

  • Significantly increased computing performance through Pentium 4 processors
  • Increased system performance through optional 2nd hard drive and RAID 1 mirror system
  • Faster peripheral interfaces now meeting the USB 2.0 standard
  • Expanded graphics functionality through digital DVI-I interface and up to 32 MB of graphics memory


Memory Expansion

In its basic configuration, the Panel PC 870 V2 comes with 128 MB of main memory. Note that this also includes the graphics memory. In the BIOS, the graphics memory is preset to 8 MB and can, if required, be increased to up to 32 MB at the expense of the available main memory.  
Note: Contrary to earlier announcements, the maximum memory expansion is currently limited to 2 GB. 

24 V Power Supply

The option 24 V power supply requires the processor option Pentium 4 mobile, 2.2 GHz.


The changed basic hardware equipment and option pricing may result in different prices for Panel PC 870 V2 configurations compared to older Panel PC 870 configurations. Detailed information can be found in the ordering documentation and the attached Configurator ( 8 KB ) .

Interface Limitations

Please note that the new Panel PC 870 V2 no longer possesses a TTY interface.

Operating System Limitations

Please note that the new Panel PC 870 V2 no longer supports Windwos NT. Urgently recommend the switch to Windows XP to customers that still employ Windows NT. Otherwise, the Panel PC 870 V1 needs to stay in service, which will remain available during the transition period.  

Replacement Parts

A new, expanded replacement parts list is available for the Panel PC 870 V2. It can be obtained from the sales and service partners.

Software Packages

The special-priced Panel PC software packages with the SIMATIC HMI software ProTool/Pro, WinCC flexible and WinCC are also available for the new Panel PC 870 V2. 

Migration Panel PC 870 V1 to Panel PC 870 V2

For an extended transition period, the new Panel PC 870 V2 will be available parallel to the current Panel PC 870 V1. The Panel PC 870 V1 will be discontinued around the 4th quarter of 2004. 


To ensure the product continuity and provide investment protection, the SIMATIC Box PC 840 V2 is to a great extent compatible with its predecessor.

For additional information, please contact your representative at your Siemens office (Siemens Partners on the Internet).  

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