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S5-95F: generating EPROM signature offline

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Can I generate the EPROM signature for the S5-95F also offline?

In level II and higher of S5-95F with version V2.1 of the COM 95F software it is possible to enter in DB 1 also offline - without PLC with the PG - the signature that is otherwise created by the PLC in test mode and enter into dB 1 over the whole of the user program. It is then possible to create an executable set of EPROMs without having to start the program beforehand in the system in test mode.

  • Subunit of level II of S5-95F with MFLB  6ES5095-8FB01
  • MLFB 6ES5895-6MF12 includes COM 95F V2.1 for single license (German)
  • MLFB 6ES5895-6MF13 includes COM 95F V2.1 (can only run on STEP 5 V6.x and lower) and COM 95F V7.1 (can only run on STEP 5 V 7.x)

Order of procedure (mandatory):

  1. Start COM 95F.
  2. Select the ready program file for EPROM.
  3. Select the menu item CRC. The signature is calculated and into dB 1 of the program file (message is issued in the status line).
  4. Quit COM 95F, answer any prompt to save dB 1 again with "No". This avoids any possible unwanted overwriting of the signature that correctly save on the hard disk in dB 1 under point 3.
  5. Close STEP 5.
  6. Restart STEP 5.
  7. Restart COM 95F.
  8. Check whether the correct program file is still set.
  9. Close the EPROMs with operating mode: Byte, Checksum: No, Footer: No.

Please note that after each change in the program the signature has be created anew in DB 1.

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