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How can you open the Automation License Manager when the message "No connection to the License Key Handler" appears?

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The table below describes how to proceed to disable the message described above so that you can open the ALM (Automation License Manager).

No. Procedure
1 Make sure that the following tasks have been started on your operating system:
  • Automation License Key Service
  • Server
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

For this you open the dialog "Services" in Microsoft Windows XP via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administration > Services" or in Windows 2000 via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administration > Services".

Fig. 01

Notes on the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems:
You get to the "Control Panel" menu

  • Via "Start > Control Panel" (in the Start menu for simplified access to the programs in Windows XP).
  • Via "Start > Settings > Control Panel" (for the classic Start menu as in earlier versions of Windows, e.g. Windows 2000).

In the Control Panel menu in Windows XP there are two different views, the Classic View and the Category View. If you select Category View, you have two options for opening the "Services" dialog:

  • First switch to the Classic View and there open the dialog "Services":
    "Switch to Classic View > Administrative Tools > Services"
  • or in the Category View open the dialog "Services":
    "Performance and Maintenance > Administration > Services".
2 You can use the "Start" link to start the tasks described above if they have not yet been started. If the "Automation License Key Service" - as in Fig. 01 - doesn't start, check the Windows event display. For this you open the "Event Viewer" dialog in Microsoft Windows XP via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer" or in Windows 2000 via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administration > Event Viewer".

Fig. 02
3 If the error code 0X8007007F appears in the Application protocol of the Event Viewer - as in Fig. 02 - we recommend that you install the Component Checker to check the available version of the (Microsoft Data Access Components) on your PC:


More information on the Microsoft Component Checker is available in the download above. After installing the Component Checker please proceed as follows.

4 Start the Component Checker with the application "cc.exe" and in the dialog that opens you select "Perform analysis of your machine and automatically determine the release version". Then acknowledge with "OK".

Fig. 03
5 In the "Choose Analysis Type" you then select "Perform analysis against a selected version".

Fig. 04
6 If MDAC is correctly installed and registered there is a MATCH for all three points "File Details", "COM Details" and "Registry Details". If there is a MISMATCH, then MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component) is not correctly installed or registered.

Fig. 05
7 We recommend that you install the following Microsoft update on your PC/PG:


The behavior is cleared upon installation of MDAC Update RTM version V2.8. You can then start the Automation License Key Service.

If the message "No connection to the License Key Handler" appears and the Windows Event Viewer shows the error code "0X8004005", the database might be defective.

Fig. 06
8 Please proceed as follows in the case of the error message shown in Fig. 06.
  • Uninstall the ALM (Automation License Manager).
  • Delete the file "almdb.mdb".
  • Reinstall the ALM.

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