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How do you uninstall STEP 7 completely, including all the software packages?

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This entry refers primarily to the previous versions of STEP 7 up to version V5.3 and the operating systems Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. The entry can only be used with restrictions for STEP 7 versions V5.4 and V5.5 in the most recent operating systems. Furthermore, we recommend that after installing your SIMATIC software you create an image of the drive on which you have installed the program. If, for whatever reason, you have to restore your hard disk with the image, you should save your projects and licenses beforehand.

In the uninstallation described here the complete SIEMENS folder and all Registry entries of the Siemens software installed on your computer will be deleted. If there are still projects in this folder, then you must copy them to another directory in the SIMATIC Manager using the function"File > Save as...". You can also back up the data in another directory or on another drive using the function "File > Archive". You must not copy or move the projects in the Windows Explorer.
Furthermore, you should back up your GSD files from the directory "<<DRIVE:>>\Siemens\Step7\S7data\gsd\".

First transfer your authorizations to the authorization floppy disk provided for this.

Below is the procedure for complete uninstallation.

No. Procedure
1 In the Control Panel you open the "Software" dialog and select the "Add or Remove Programs" tab. Uninstall all the SIMATIC applications.

If it is not possible to uninstall STEP 7 in the "Software" ("Change/Remove Programs") dialog in the Control Panel, we recommend that you proceed as below. The reason for the behavior could be that the installation files are damaged, for example, so that the uninstall procedure is always aborted with an error message.

  • Open the Explorer and insert the STEP 7 CD in your CD drive.
  • Open the directory "<<CD-ROM drive>:\STEP7\Disk1" and select SIMATIC STEP 7.msi" (in STEP 7 V5.3) or "Setup.msi" (in STEP 7 V5.4).
  • Right-click and in the pop-up menu that opens execute the "Uninstall" function.

Fig. 01

Your STEP 7 software is uninstalled from your PC via the above msi file (Windows installer package).

2 Then restart the PG / PC.
3 Open the registry editor via the menu command "Start > Run...". Enter "regedit" and acknowledge with "OK". The Registration editor starts.

Fig. 02

4 Open the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software" directory. There you will find the subdirectory "SIEMENS". Select this subdirectory and delete it.

Fig. 03

5 Open the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE" directory. There again you will find the a "SIEMENS" directory. Select this directory and delete it. Then all the SIEMENS entries are deleted in the Registry.

Fig. 04

6 Close the Registration editor and then delete the complete Siemens directory (<<DRIVE:>>\Siemens) and all the S7 files in the Windows system directory. For this you open the Search dialog via "Start > Search > All files and folders..." and search for all the "S7*.*" files.
7 Delete the SIMATIC folder in the Start menu.
8 Delete the "simatic.cfg" file that is located in the Windows directory (e.g. "System (C:) .

With the new operating systems this file might no longer be available anyway.

9 Delete the C:\RASETU*.* files.
10 By means of "Start > Search > All files and folders..." you search for the file "citamis.str" in the Windows directory (e.g. "System (C:) and delete that file.
11 Now empty the recycle bin. Now uninstallation has been completed.

When you completely uninstall STEP 7 the complete Siemens directory is deleted. Located in this Siemens directory are also entries for other Siemens products like Logo-Soft, Soft Data Link (cell phone software) and Merlin (Siemens Standard Installation for Windows 98 and NT). Deleting these entries renders the software applications and the Siemens products useless.

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