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In a table or trend report, how can you determine the archive tag to be printed, dynamically to the runtime?

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For this purpose, you can use the default layout @CCTlgRtTables.rpl with a dynamic table. 

  • Copy the file and open it with the report Designer/Layouts in the WinCC Control Center.
  • Open properties of the dynamic table and choose the tab "Connect". 
  • Open the tag selection and choose "Add..". 
  • Add the desired tags from your archives.

        Fig. 1: Adding Archive tags ( 31 KB )  

  • Now, select a tag and activate the button "Properties". 
  • Tick the box "WinCC Tag for the dynamic tag name" and select the control tag from the tag management that determines the archive tag to be printed. This control tag has to be a "String" and must contain the name of the tag to be logged of format [ Archivename\Tag name ] of the moment of the logging.

Please also observe the help window on this field.

Fig. 2: Control Tag for the Dynamic Output.

Describe now the control tag by means of a script according to your requirements.

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