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Why are not all the tabs visible under "Internet Settings" of the SIMATIC operator panels (only Windows CE devices)?

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The "Web Server" and "Remote" tabs are only in the "WinCC flexible Internet Settings" on a SIMATIC operator panel (only Windows CE devices) when a project is loaded with one of these options.

The "Web Server" tab is available when one of the following is checked in the project under "Device Settings > Runtime services":

  • Sm@rtService: HTML pages
  • Sm@rtAccess: Web service (SOAP)
  • Sm@rtAccess: SIMATIC HMI HTTP server

The "Remote" tab is available when the following is checked in the project under "Device Settings > Runtime services":

  • Sm@rtAccess or Service: Start Sm@rtServer

Fig. 01

If a project is transferred to the panel without one of the options mentioned above, the corresponding files are uninstalled and the tabs concerned are not displayed.

The "E-mail" tab is independent of the project loaded and is thus always displayed.
Information on this is available in the corresponding manual for the panel at the following reference:
"Configure operating system > Configure network operation > Change e-mail settings".
For which devices support the Sm@rtAccess and Sm@rtService options see Entry ID 40227286.

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