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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 19033609, Entry date: 05/30/2004

DPC31 STEP C ASIC Released for Delivery

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The revised version of the DPC31 STEP C ASIC for PROFIBUS slaves has been released for delivery. ...

The revised version of the DPC31 STEP C ASIC for PROFIBUS slaves has been released for delivery.

The revised version of the DPC31 STEP C ASIC for PROFIBUS slaves has the following advantages compared to the predecessor version (STEP B):

  • Lower price: Price reduction of 10% (exception: Development package with 6 pcs.)
  • New functions, in particular DPV2 (alarms and isochrone mode)
  • Lower current consumption / power losses in PROFIBUS-PA mode with new 2MHz technology.

Please note:

Except for the PLL connection, the DPC31 STEP C is pin-compatible with the DPC31 STEP B.
In general, only a PC board redesign with respect to the PLL connection is required.

The firmware "DPV1 Slave software (Sourcecode)" with the order no. 6ES7 195-2BB00-0XA0 can be used both on the STEP B and the STEP C. For details on the license conditions please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office: Siemens Partners on the Internet

Description of the hardware and the delta features of the new functions are available on the Internet under the following entry IDs:

  • Delta features (German): 18963053
  • Hardware description (German): 18963419
  • Delta features (English): To follow
  • Hardware description (English): To follow

More information on the above, as well as general technical information is available from:


Siemens AG


Postfach 2355

90713 Fürth

Tel.: +49 911 750 - 2078

Fax: +49 911 750 - 2100

E-mail: comdec@siemens.com


PROFIBUS Interface Center

One Internet Plazza

PO Box 4991

Johnson City, TN 37602-4991

Fax : +1 423 - 262 - 2103

Tel.: +1 423 - 262 - 2576

E-mail: profibus.center@sea.siemens.com


Order No.


6ES7 195-0BF00-0XA0

Evaluation pack; 6 pcs.

6ES7 195-0BF10-0XA0

Single tray; 66 pcs.

6ES7 195-0BF20-0XA0

Tray box; 660 pcs.

6ES7 195-0BF30-0XA0

7-Tray box; 4 620 pcs.

The DPC31 STEP B is still available in its normal form.


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