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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 1903489, Entry date: 02/18/2000

Why does a limit message in WinCC remain although the value is once again within the configured limits?

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This behavior can occur if you are using indirect limits. If the value to be monitored exceeds one of the limits, the message is triggered. In this case, it is not enough to change the indirect limits so that the value to be monitored is within the limits again. The message retains the status "arrived". The message disappears only when the value goes back to within the old limits.

If, for technical reasons, it is not possible to set the value between the old limits, you can reset the alarm with "Lock" and then "Release".

This only resets the alarm. Limit monitoring only works again correctly when the value to be monitored goes back to within the old limits for a short time at least.

Message configuration, Limit monitoring

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