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Configuration of the AS 511 channel under WinCC V5 and Windows NT

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How can I configure the AS 511 channel under Windows NT?

First of all you must configure the AS 511 driver.

  1. Open the AS511 Admin via "Start"->"Simatic"->"WinCC"->"Tools"-> "AS511 Admin".If you can start this tool, then continue immediately with point 2. If you cannot see it, then the tool AS511-Admin was not installed with WinCC. For this you must do a user-defined installation. To retro-install AS511-Admin insert the WinCC CD and start "autorun.exe". Press the "Install WinCC" button. In the next window press the button "Do you want to remove/add parts of WinCC". In the left window select the component "Communication" and activate the entry "AS511-NT" in the right window. Press CONTINUE to start the retro-installation. This procedure is valid for both WinCC V4 and WinCC V5.
  2. Set the serial interface for the AS511 driver.

You must also delete the port for COM1 in the Control Panel.

  1. Open Control Panel->"Ports"
  2. Select the connection selected in the driver configuration and press the "Delete" button.
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