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Exporting measured values of PI trends

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How can I export the measured values of PI trends in a different format, e.g. EXCEL?

The trend data is stored in the special BRAUMAT binary format. Therefore it is initially not possible to access the data.

Nevertheless, you do have the following options to access the data:

1. TMC
There is an access interface TMC.C. With this an experienced C programmer can create an application or DLL for converting the data to EXCEL. TMC.C is charged.

2. Trend trace
A simpler, but not very elegant option is to read the trend trace into Microsoft EXCEL. The traces created have spaces as separators and are recognized by EXCEL. Note here the following excerpt:

For analyzing the archive data or as a test function you can set some more trace switches in the TREND.INI file:

_tracevalmode = a            => is always attached to the file
_tracevalmode = w           => a new file is created for each selection

If you set _TRACEVAL = 1, then for trend output the files "TRENDS.<trend number >" are created and stored as ...\TMP. The archive data for the selection is stored in these files.

Date:11.08.99 Time:21:47:19 Y-Val: -2147483648
Date:11.08.99 Time:21:47:19 Y-Val: 703
Date:11.08.99 Time:21:48:19 Y-Val: 702
Date:11.08.99 Time:21:49:50 Y-Val: 700
Date:11.08.99 Time:21:50:20 Y-Val: 700
Date:11.08.99 Time:21:51:20 Y-Val: 697
Date:11.08.99 Time:21:52:50 Y-Val: 696

3. CIS/PMS interface
There is an interface for BRAUMAT/SISTAR that can transfer all the relevant data, including the trends, into an SQL server or ORACLE database. You can procure this solution as a system solution from your Siemens Sales contact.

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